When I was growing up, my dad always told me that I was unique, that I got sides that even him was not able to comprehend.At the time, I did not get why he would say so.Did he mean that I was complicated and hard to live with? Did he mean that I was adopted, or something like that? I had many questions in my head. And I have to admit that those thoughts didn’t make me happy. You know how most of the teenagers try to find their ways and question themselves a lot?I did that as well but
Today I understand what he meant.Why he would always say “you are unique my daughter.”Oh yeah, I am unique, and I am so glad I am.I like the fact that not everyone can read me like an open book.I like having those sides of me that make people wonder who I am.(not to say that I am fake tho).But you know what I am mean; you came down on earth alone,(I am not trying to exclude twins and triplets and…so on…keep reading you will understand)and although your parents made you, they did not create you.And trust me your creator didn’t make two people like you.Even twins and triplets are not 100% the same, and yet they were born together.
Today I want to do the same thing that my dad did with me.I want to walk around telling people that they are unique because not only can it make someone, you, feel better, but it is also true.
We all have a level of uniqueness that some people cannot understand us.And that is fine.It is okay.
Think of it; if you were to be the same way as your brother or your sister or your friends, wouldn’t it be boring?And wouldn’t us live in a world of chaos?Where would everyone react the same way to one situation.act the same way in another?Oh, Lord!I think it would be crazy as heck.
I believe that what makes us unique is that for example in a group of close friend, not everyone thinks the same and not everyone have the same personality.You know what I mean?
Yes, we get along with people “like us” but are your friends really like you? Do you all wear the same size, or do you all sleep the same way, do you talk the same way, laugh the same way?I doubt you do.I think of all of that to define my uniqueness.
Even your mind is unique.You do not think 100% the same as your best friend, or your siblings you got the same blood with, not even your parents who gave you birth because YOU ARE JUST YOU!you are UNIQUE.
I am so glad I get to understand this today because it prevents me from comparing myself to others(not to say that I don’t do it sometimes 😀 ).When comes the time when I wonder why I don’t have this or that or ask God why he did not give me this or that, I always have that inside voice that says ‘no Duchesse, you don’t need that.Simply because you are You, you are unique” 🙂
So no matter who you are, no matter what issues you have or what you are going through, no matter the things you don’t like on you or in you, Know that you are unique and that that makes you special.
LOVE who you are and trust me people around you will too 😉
#IamUnique #YouAreUnique


  1. Très inspirant tes articles chère Duchesse!T’as un talent d’ecrivaine et je te le souhaite!c’est bien de nous partager ce que tu vis,ce que tu as vecue(tout en tirant la leçon de morale),ce que tu penses!c’est instruisant d’une part!!j’espere que j’aurais d’autres posts!!


    1. Merci beaucoup cher Davy.
      Ecrire est pour moi un plaisir donc surement que tu en liras d’autre bientot😊


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