A Letter to Me


Dear me,

I want you to know that you are a beautiful woman either you see it or not.You need to know that people will not always like you or love you. But that doesn’t mean you have to change who you truly are.People will judge you from your appearance but you are more than that. You are beautiful inside out. Those who don’t like you are missing to get to know you and you wanna tell them shame on you.

Stop blaming yourself for being very emotional and sentimental. People will tend to take advantage of that, but you are smart and I am pretty sure you can make the difference between a good guy and a bad guy 😉

Be confident and embrace the world. You are a good person and good people do good things.Stop thinking that you are going to hurt anybody but making a decision that sounds rational to you.People who love you will understand and will never stop loving you. Listen to them for advice because only them will give you the best ones. Your parents wants what’s best for you in the world and they cannot be your enemy. You have the best friends that anyone can dream for . Enjoy every moments that you spend with them cause one day,it will be too late and you don’t wanna have regrets.

You came down on Earth for a reason. Maybe nothing as big as a singer or a writer or a professional model but that is okay. Maybe your job is just to make your friends smile and laugh and your family proud;and honestly how cool is that?

Love yourself. Remember those guys I talked about earlier,those who will quickly judge you from what you look like and not really who you are. Well these people are not worth being in your life. And you don’t need their love or their attention. The love that you have to have for yourself will prevent you from trying to change who you are for them. Don’t give them time to destroy you cause you know your true value and that is all that matters.

That was a advice from your more mature self 😉

By I.L.Duchesse


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