Let’s argue


As much as I don’t like arguing and as much as I hate confrontations,I don’t think arguing is that bad though.
Of course it hurts,and I swear I avoid arguments as much as I can.But sometimes…I just can’t.Sometimes it doesn’t feel right not to explain why you’re right and move on as if everything was okay.
you know what I mean?

A sign of affection
To me,arguing is a sign of affection.Trust me…I would never sit down and argue with you if I don’t care about you.Coz then,I don’t care about what you have to say coz it won’t affect me anyways.So if I can use my precious time(look at me pretending to be a busy woman;))to argue with you about something,it truly means I care for you and what you have to say and I want you to consider my point too.
It’s natural
Mother and daughter argue,
Husband and wife argue,
Brother and sister argue,
Identical twins argue
Bffs argue,…
I mean…c’mooooon.Even the people with the closest bonds ever do argue.Why would you think it’s the end of the world if you and I argue?

As humans we all have different opinions,behaviors,weaknesses,qualities,…and that’s where(in my opinion)the beauty of things stands.

(Comment below and tell me what you think;))
Love always

By I.L.Duchesse


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