Do I overthink?


I always wonder why overthinking is seen as a bad think.I have to admit I also look at it as a bad thing.And recently I was trying to surprise a good friend of mine and I kept overthinking…wondering if I should do it or nah.I realised that it was some kind of self-confidence issue (maybe :)).
You know when someone tells you something that touches you but you keep questioning yourself why they told you that?Or as I did,trying to do something nice to someone but you keep wondering if they’re gonna like it?Well I am starting to think that it’s a matter of confidence.I think that if you are confident enough and if you know that you are a good person and you do good things…you won’t overthink before taking actions. Okay,we’re not perfect and okay we make mistakes and okaaay we sometimes need to think twice before doing things but thinking twice about something is not thinking non-stop,is it?
I will personnally tend to ask for my people’s advice(you know…those people you trust,always?)and hear their opinions.It’s always interesting to see things in someone’s else point of you,right?

Again I wanna say…be confident and believe in yourself.What you’re about to do is not that much of a bad idea as you may be thinking.Those you truly know you will understand you did it out of love 🙂

By I.L.Duchesse

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