I always thank God for friends he gave me and for the people he put on my way and I am thankful that I know that they will never let me down and will always pick me up when I fall down.I believe in the fact that he doesn’t put people on our ways with no purpose.
Im my life he had given me friends who make me laugh,those who bring me back on Earth,those who teach me things about life and those who are true inspirations to me.
I always say that we differ from each other just do that life is even funnier and worth to be lived.I am thankful that not only do I have amazing and supportive friends but also do I have friends with the greatest and most diversified stories. :mrgreen:
I am the kind of people to always take the positive out of every situations no matter how hard it can be.
Life is a battlefield and we ought to be the strongest and surpasse our expectations.God always gives us the strenght to go through any battle we’re put in.

To my inseparable friends who will always stick around for better and for worse,until death do us part, you are true gifts from the Almighty, each of you is Sent from Heaven❤

By I.L.Duchesse


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