During hard times

I grew up hearing my mother saying that it’s during hard times and rough periods of our lives that we see who our true friends are.Well,now I know.It easy to have tons of friends and these days it’s even easier to have friends thanks to social medias and to technologies improvement.However,we won’t know who the real ones are until rough times come around.That’s when you see some disappear and others who have been MIA(Missing In Action) come back to bring you comfort and happiness.
I believe that a real friend doens’t need you to buy him/her expensive gifts for him or her to know how much you care for them.To be honest, I think money and friendship are like oil and water.They don’t go well together,right?
I am not going to share my personal experiences since it won’t heal anything but I wanna be thankful for all the friends that I have,good or bad…cause they all came into my life for a reason.I learn from them everyday…I wanna tell you two things:
First:Having an ego is a good thing but… getting to the point of hurting and destroying someone else(or even worse your friend)will never get you anywhere,I promise you this.NEVER!
Second:You never know how much your calls,your texts or your smile can help your friends have a good time or overcome tough moments.Just be there and make them smile.😆They love you just the way you are.
That was my little message of the day.:)
Don’t forget to share you opinion below!!

By I.L.Duchesse


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