Be You,Do You

Today I wanna talk about something that means a lot to me in a sense that I see it happening around me often.I don’t know about you but I feel like these days,it gets harder and harder for us to be ourselves.Again,I am going to blame it to the social medias because it is a big part of our lives and I think that people use it and refer themselves to it to judge others and make easy and sometimes pointless assumptions.I am not going to lie I do that sometimes as well.And I would tend to say it is in the human nature-not to be judgemental but to make senseless assumptions based on almost nothing-.
But of all the powers that we can have I think that the be yourself is one of the greatest or at least the one that will make you feel good about yourself.One thing is true my friend,the world is going to judge you no matter what you do.Either you’re an angel or a demon,either you do good or you do bad things,either you laugh everyday or you cry everyday…I mean people will never stop being judgemental…never!
My advice is: Do you and Be you. Do things that reflect your values,your beliefs and your convictions and don’t mind what people say.Do things that make you happy,do what you want others to think of you.But don’t expect everyone to see the good in you ’cause not everyone will.
“One day,you’ll only be a memory to some people.Do your best to be a good one”

Do what will make people have a good memory of you,be you and stay true to yourself my friend.

By I.L.Duchesse

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