On Mothers Day


Mothers are very special creatures.I am always amazed by the amount of love and passion they give us and without expecting anything in return except for our happiness.It’s crazy.Still,in the eyes of every child,her/his mum is the most beautiful,most caring,most adorable mother of all.And of course I think that way too.😁
Every year I try to come up with an original way to wish my mother a Happy Mother’s day but it gets harder and harder because she is far from me and I don’t get to see her on this day 😕
This year I wanna write a little something that goes to all the mothers because they are all AMAZING in their own ways.
Mum,you carried me during 9 long months.
You raised the beautiful person that I am.
Through every thing you never stopped loving me and I have the convinction that you will always do
Those times I made you cry,
Those days I made you really mad that you yelled at me?
Mama,I am sorry.
You were there when I first walked,when I first spoke,when I first went to school,
But you were also there the first time I cried,the first time I got sick,when I felt down.
For those birthdays and other good moments that you missed,I know you were away doing something good for me and I appreciate that.
I am not an excellent writer and I know I am far from being a perfect daughter but I know you will love this and you will always love me.I thank you for you unconditional love mama.
Happy mother’s Day.
Love you always
Your daughter

By I.L.Duchesse


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