Just Let It Go!

So weeks ago,I had friends coming over and we wanted to go watch a movie.But we couldn’t decide on just one to go see.We got split into two groups for two differents movies.We were all just being stubborn and didn’t want to change our minds.Still to me it was not going to be fun if we were to go for two different movies(Don’t really ask me why,I just know that in my head I was thinking “it’s better if we’re all together”,right?)I have to admit however that the reason why I was being stubborn was my unwillingness of trying something new.I’d never watched a marvel movie in my life and I atually don’t like marvel movies.But one of a sudden I thought why not trying it? -keep reading,I am trying to make a point 😆 –
We finally all went for the same movie -the Avengers- and I had fun.To be honest though…I didn’t really understand the movie and I was asking tones of questions which was annoying but I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it because I was with people I love and it didn’t kill me.It didn’t kill me to watch it and it definitely didn’t kill me to try something new.🙌
All of this to say(Yeah,Im finally getting to my point here) that sometimes I think that we get dominated by our fears or even our pride and don’t try new things.They’re sometimes things that don’t cost a dime,things that are harmless or things we just don’t wanna try(for no valid reason).If it is something that you know will not kill you or harm you in a way,just give it a try.

from fitsploration.com

For people out there who, like me are afraid to try new things I just wanna say just let it go.As long as it’s not something that’s gonna turn you into someone you’re not or make you change your beliefs or your personnality,just do it.

“Life always begins with one step  outside of your comfort zone.”
            Shannon L. Alder

Please get me straight…Im not trying to say that you should go try to smoke some weed or get drunk and make mistakes you will regret the next day.If you believe that those things are bad,don’t do it then. But for those things you know won’t have a negative effect on you,…just go with it.;)


By I.L.Duchesse

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