A little bit of Positivity

Positivity.Certainly not what you want to hear now with all the bad things happening around the world these days:crimes,drought,corruption,deseases,death,homelessness,hunger,and so on.But yet I am here,believing in positivity.Thinking that we should be positive despite all this.Isn’t it insane?I know…I think I am crazy too.
But hey,we gotta do this.


I strongly believe that in this crazy life that we all live,in this sometimes terrifying world we live in,everything happens for a reason.I sometimes look at my life and wonder why some crazy things happen to me -I’m pretty sure that you do that sometimes too- and I feel frustrated when I can’t comprehend it or change it.And one day, I came to a conclusion:I cannot control everything that happens and I just need to let things go and understand that sometimes,things are just meant to be. One of my cousins likes to say “Haba Icobaye“(what is meant to be will be)and oooh he is right.

I do know that it is not always easy to believe in positive things when you’re going through though moments but try to think of it this way:some things are just meant to be and you can’t change it no matter what.Then why would you get depressed over it?And sit back and cry all day long?If it was meant to be,it was for a reason and that reason is for you to learn and grow and shine and sparkle.STAY POSITIVE my friend.

Because you cannot change it and make it the way you want it to be doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad thing.Take it as a testimony for you that you are strong and powerful enough to keep negative vibes away from you. Better days are in the corner.Learn from what you go through and keep moving forward.



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