We All Have Something to Give

Isn’t it awesome to know that we can all give something to someone? No? Well…it sounds cool to me.
One of the phrases that sounds really cliché but that is powerful to me is “sharing is caring”. We hear this a lot and I do say it a lot too but I’m going to tell you why I love it.

First let me say that I am convinced that every person on Earth has something to give or to share with others. Yes, I know what I’m talking about.Yes, even the poorest person in the world, the homeless guy in the street, the person on a bed in a hospital,…they all have something to give. It may not be what YOU would like him/her to give you, but someone else may like it. I say this because I think that giving does not necessarily mean signing a cheque to someone, lending your car to a friend, buying a family member a trip to Mexico, etc.NO!
To me, giving is taking that hidden beauty in you and sharing it with someone else. It can be your smile, your joy, your generosity, your creativity, your humor, your compassion. And that’s maybe where the weirdness in me resides but yeah…I believe in the beauty of our souls. I think that we all have that little something that someone else out there needs, to have a good day.

Second, every one around you is a lesson to you and has something that you do not have. I am pretty sure you learn something from your bestfriend, your family, your partner. Even the person you hate the most, the guy that hurt you, the prof that upset you,…they all taught you something.
With that said, I want to add that we all need to feel good for the people that we are -people with hearts- and try to dig in ourselves a little more, to find what is there that we have to share with others. And also, take every person seriously. It is not because they are in a lower position than yours or because they do not have what you have that they are not worthy to be listened to.

P.S: I haven’t found which beauty is hiding in me so that I can share it. lol; I’m still searching though.
Thanks for reading me!
Til next time!
Sincerely Dee

Quote of the day:
~No one has ever become poor by giving~
Anne Franck



  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Suzie’s blog party. This is a great post – everyone is special in their own way and has something unique to share. I cannot stand people (mainly in the workplace) who deem their opinions and thoughts more valid because they are seemingly “above” others. Perhaps they should have a read of this!


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