Can I be happy?

I am hating this feeling that resides in me. It has been a while now since it all started.I mean the situation back home. My country is doing politically bad these days. Innocent people are being killed,families are being torn apart, children are no longer attending schools. Many have fled the country. It is sad.


Knowing that these poor people were once my neighbours, my classmates, my teachers makes it even harder to take in. Today, most of them are in Rwanda where they are desperately waiting for a better situation to go back in Burundi.
What kills me most, is the feeling of being powerless. Not being able to help, to show my support, to encourage those who are still fighting for peace, to comfort those who have lost their loved ones.
I almost feel bad for being happy. Last time, I honestly felt guilty for posting a picture on my Instagram on which it was obvious that I was having a good time. It felt wrong to me and it still does. Why is it that I am alive when others are innocently being killed? Why I am allowed to wake up and enjoy the summer when others are in mourning after the death of their loved ones?


Does it mean that my purpose on Earth is not yet accomplished? Or does that mean that I should enjoy every day I am given to live because tomorrow can be my last day? If you ask me why I feel this way, I probably won’t be able to answer that.
What about you? Do you ever feel bad for being happy?or is it just me?
How can I…
        “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”
                  Mahatma Gandhi


  1. I used to think that feeling that has been in my heart since wht started in Bdi was abnormal! Every time when I’m trying to have fun and see the news in Bdi, I feel guilty as if I was betraying my fellow Burundians😔We definetly need a change..Thks 4 sharing yr thought


    1. I got you 100% dear. It feels so unfair and I always wish there could be something I can do to help.Sitting and watching all the news on Facebook is becoming unbearable for me.


  2. it’s sad what is happening in our Country. By don’t loose hope, in spite of all, God still in Control!


  3. I wasn’t aware these things were going on there. I am so sorry. I came by to thank you for following my blog. I would have been here sooner, but I was out of the country. Welcome!

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    1. oh thank you so much dear Janice.
      I totally understand as I was busy these last day myself. and Yes, horrible things are happening in my country and it makes me so frustrated


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