I am grateful☆1

I am very grateful to The Almighty Father for all the love he gives me.

When deciding to do this series, I told myself I will be posting on Sundays because as a christian, that is the day I get to glorify God and be thankful to him -not to say I only do it on Sundays though,lol!-

I rarely talk about my faith and religion mainly because it does not matter much when I am having conversations with other people. My friends do not necessarily share the same beliefs and the same religion as I do and so we just don’t talk about it. Unless we want our conversations to turn into a real chaos. lol
But Yyyyaaas, I pray a lot and always put God first in EVERYTHING that I do.
I believe it’s because of him that I get to wake up healthy every morning and I owe him all that I have.

To make it short, I am grateful to him for this life he gave me. Yes it’s not perfect, but day after day, I am given reasons to be thankful.
I am nominating nida564 from secretsinmyheart.wordpress.com to share at least one thing she is grateful to/for and why.


“Be grateful for small things, big things and the everything in between.”


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