I am not Lost

The image you’re about to see really speak for itself but I am going to add a few words because I can. haha!

  • We all have different lives and therefore we don’t necessarily walk the same path. It is okay to feel lost and not to know our purpose down here; what’s not okay is to never try to find it. It is not easy and as you will see on that image, it, sometimes takes years and years to be successful and happy with what we have. Some people may get there easily, some others will have to dig deeper to find it.
  • I am not quite sure of what my purpose is. I just know that I am ready to do whatever it takes to find it, to achieve my goals and to do things that make me happy. Honestly, it can be frustrating but keep looking and keep faith…One day, what you are down here for, will reveal itself.

I may not know you; I may be nobody to you but yet…I believe in you. I sincerely do!


See? You can do it too!


“We walk the same path, but got on different shoes.”




  1. Absolutely love this. As you said. Always take steps always explore because every step brings us closer to the goal. Keep up the good work.


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