I am grateful☆2

I am very grateful for this life that I have.
Yes,it’s not perfect and I know it will never be anyways.You know that too right?
No wait!You don’t think life can ever be perfect,do you? Okay…just wanted to make sure.
So,yes mine is not perfect neither but I am very grateful to have one at least.
Many people die everyday and some of them we are not even aware of it.It is unfortunate of course but I guess that’s just the way it is supposed to go.I really don’t mean to upset anybody here but I think that we all are passengers here,on Earth. No one is  meant to stay on Earth forever. That is actually the reason why I am grateful to wake up every morning and sleep every night.I know that tomorrow…can possibly be my last day.

And you see, that is also why I try and make the best of every day I spend here because it can be my last.I don’t want to die sad, or angry at someone, or with some work not done. Yes, it is hard to stay joyful and determined every day but at least…I try.
And what about you guys? What are you grateful for today?
I am nominating crazygrrl123 to  share on the blog one thing she is grateful for.

Thanks for reading guys!

“Choose to see the world through grateful eyes, it will never look the same way again”

Doe Zantamata



  1. I wonder how many people actually think like this? I’ve seen examples of long and bitter feuding between people, when those who see the bigger picture you have just outlined think ‘what is the point of spending your life fighting unnecessarily?’


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