I am grateful☆3

I am grateful for small things!
I am pretty sure you’re like wooow…what does this even mean?I know!
I’ve come to realize that most of the time, we complain about very little things that can be someone else’s reason to smile or things that simply don’t matter.
We complain about hot days or very cold days, not having a soulmate, not having enough friends, being sick, being alive(Yes!!I know someone who does complain about this!crazy huh?), not being in good shape, etc. But we also complain about not being funny and as cool as some other people you may know, not having an Iphone and the list goes on. I bet we all have done this one time.

Today I just decided to be grateful for all those small things that seem to matter not so much but that get me stuck and prevent me from moving on from time to time.
I am grateful to live in this cold country where Summer time is therefore the most wanted time of all year. I am grateful for my health, for free weekends, for having a house to live in, a good bed, for being able to drink clean water (as crazy as this may sound, not everybody on Earth has access to clean water). I am also grateful to have access to Internet and for being able to reach out to my friends from all over the world. I am grateful for blogging, meeting new people everyday, having memories with the precious people in my life, for the challenges I get to face and the lessons I get from it.
I would really keep going but I know you may not keep reading so I am going to stop with just a small advice…Be grateful for small things in your life. It actually feels good to do so.
Now I nominate Helen Jones to share on her blog one thing she is grateful for and of course everyone else who wants to do so.
Thanks for reading me.

“Focusing on Gratitude unleashes the love that lives with us”

Gabrielle Bernstein

Happy Sunday!



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