Why I hate “LOVE”

I don’t know if this ever happens to you but I extremely hate what I am about to say. haha! You can’t wait to know,right?
Jokes aside though, it really get me frustrated sometimes to say “I love you”. Why? Because that is the time I wish I could create a new word for it. To be able to express how I feel without using that simple phrase.
Sometimes I look at my boyfriend and say “I love you” and then he goes “yeah I love you too” and I am like…Nooo you don’t get what I mean. Then I just give up before it gets to my nerves too much but I think there should be another word for very strong feelings like that.

Then I guess we won’t have to say “the words can’t express how I feel.” Or maybe this new word would also be weak after a while and I would wish I had the power to create a new word and the whole cycle would repeat again and again…Maybe!

Now please tell me I am not the only one feeling this way. Comment below and let me know!
Thanks for stopping by.

“Love? I don’t know exactly about this small word love…”
Ei Poak Lay


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