Some time Apart

Have you ever realize that the more time you spent with someone, the more you get to know them and the more you tend to take them from granted? But still, you love them very much and you need them in your life. However, because you know them very well, they seem to be less attracting or less special to your eyes. We all do that though, there not a single person to blame. I myself feel bad for taking for granted the people who love me and who I know will always be there no matter what, but I think it is in the human being, I can’t really stop it from happening.

In moments like that, I always look at those people and ask myself what my life would be like if they weren’t here and if they weren’t what they are to me. I see them interact with others, getting compliments from others and the moment I feel kind of jealous, I realize that maybe I am not doing a great job, maybe I am being to confident about our friendship or relationship and that one day…I may wake up and they will no longer be here with me.


We all feel this way some time, don’t we? What we don’t have alwyas get to have is that little moment that reminds us of how special the people we loved once were or still are. It takes the people we love to leave, to be in a coma for a long time, to have an accident that could have taken their lives, to find someone else that loves them better,.. to finally get to realize how much they mean to us. Why though?

What I am sure of is… some time apart will cause no harm. It will either show you how much you love someone or…prove to you that they don’t mean so much to you as you may have thought. Do not hesitate to take that moment alone, away from the people you love or you think you love. They may be not as important as you thought they were and your life is probably not “nothing” without them.

“Sometimes when things are falling apart, they may actually be falling into place”




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