Until when…?

it_hurts___by_tinachan90-d3cztm8Until when is it going hurt,
Until when am I going to suffer,
Until when is it going ruin my life,
Until when am I gonna wake up with tons of questions?
Does God really exist? Does He really see how much it hurts? If yes, then why can’t he do something about it?
Is it some kind of punishment? For what? For how long?
Please tell me! I can’t handle this anymore, I don’t have the strenght, I just can’t.



  1. I have asked these questions more times then I could even count! I’m not a big Christian or anything but there is this song by Britt Nicole called “Have Your Way” that kind if gives me peace when I have all these questions. If you hate it I’m sorry. If it helps, well then I’m glad =) Hope you get to feeling better soon!

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    1. Oooh thank you dear.I am going to listen to it in a sec.thanks for understanding to😊.I hope you get to feeling better too.I never miss a post of yours and I feel your pain sometimes.

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