5 Things I kept from my Teen Years

I still remember my teenage as if it was yesterday. Crazy years for most of us, right? I was not a very stubborn and difficult child(I hope my parents will say,haha) but there were times when I would drive my parents so crazy,they wished they could send me somewhere far for weeks.1344886845093_3235015 I still kept good things from those years though; Yes I did!

  1. Friends. I believe I have the most amazing, loyal and the craziest friends in the entire world. Surprisingly, most of them I met while a teenager.
  2. Love. How can I talk about this without it being TMI for you? Huumm… Let me simply say 9 years and still counting(…hopefully!!)
  3. Fun Memories… Not to say that today my life isn’t fun but what is different is that I have remember moments from my teenage without picture. Today, we capture every moment of our life and it’s very cool, but it is more interesting to see how much you remember of a moment if you have no picture.
  4. Appearance. I haven’t changed a lot since. People keep telling me than I am 16 and I get a lot of “I will have to see your ID first” (grrrrrr…really?)
  5. The “kid” in me. I am not embarrassed to say that the kid in me is still alive because I believe it is a cool thing and I really hope it will never die. It means being energetic, shameless, not afraid to try new thing; being a dreamer.

humour-card-the-kid-in-me-said-buy-nerf-guns-and-candyWhat about you? What is one thing that you kept from your teenage? Just let me know in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading me!

“Teenagers are the most misunderstood people on Earth;

They’re treated like children but elxpected to act like adults”




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