4 Reasons why I Love my Siblings

I don’t know about you but I never wished I could have better siblings -this sounds kind of cliché, though-!

I still can’t believe what I am about to write but yeah I am going to tell you 4 reasons why I love them, creatures.

Our connection. I particularly love how we understand each other very well: a smile, a wink, just one word…and it is a whole story that is told. We can talk about our parents without them noticing, haha!

20472313_10155635127263029_120926893_oOur fights. Wait… who doesn’t fight with his/her siblings? It’s pretty normal I think. What I like though, is the duration of our fights(and they never get physical). The last maximum a day, never more. The next morning, we just talk as if nothing happened the night before that.


Our love. We never need words to express our feelings and how much we love each other. We just know it. Cool!

We complete each other very well. This is not something obvious but if you stay with us for a while, you would see actions that prove it.

What about you guys? What your relationship with your siblings like? Comment below, I would love to know!

‘Til next time



  1. So well said and yes, I love my younger brother. He is just an year younger to me and we are more friends but I do keep telling him that I have seen the world an year more than him. Thank you for the inspiration. I feel I should write a bit about what a wonderful person he is! 🙂


  2. I wrote a comment but then while posting, wordpress crashed. Ain’t sure if you got it.
    Loved your post and I have a younger brother. I keep telling him that I know the world better cos I’ve stayed here an year more 😉


  3. I don’t know..I have thought of putting my sister up for sale many times but then common sense intervened. As if someone is going to part with money inexchange for HER! 😛 You are right though, I would have definitely had more peace in my life without her but it would have been too dull. 🙂

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  4. Babyyyyyyy…. this is me now! hihi yess you know who I am! I love you too but you love me more I KNOW. Yes people, I am one of the 3 siblings of hers!

    Advice: Write more about US, people like it!😄😝


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