Life is strange

Let's talk about the L word!

Love eases the troubled whilst troubling the eased.

It mends the broken so then it can break those mended.


We can’t all win, every time. Nothing remains unchanging forever.

That could only be achieved if time wasn’t time, and we could rewind it.

Day dies so night grows. For darkness can surprisingly teach us more than light itself.

When gloomy, we finally look inside, as the outside is too shadowy and blurry for us to benefit from it.

In our head, thoughts evolve, recede, surprise and disappoint us, but never look two times the same.

That’s why we never know, for sure, the true validity of the choices we make. We opt and we hope.

Was it the proper decision? Will this smile I now present last long enough that I won’t regret it later?

Give it some time, and time will be there to answer you that.

After all, love is an intemporal question and time it’s inevitable response. Always.


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