Overprotective or nah?

credit to:www.zazzle.com I am gonna make them wear this.
credit to:www.zazzle.com
I am gonna make them wear this.

As some of you may know, I am the first born in a family of four crazy kids and I think I have an issue with that. I think I am an overprotective sister. Oh Lord! Help me.
Many of my friends tell me that they can’t wait to see how I will act with my own kids in the future because of how I protect my siblings.

Am I the only one?
Is it something that only first-born children do? 
Maybe I am not that overprotective.
Maybe I think I know more than they do.
Maybe I heard the “You need to set a good example” phrase so many times that I feel like they should always listen to what I have to say!

I don’t know. Sometimes, this world can be so wicked  and people so greedy. They are not ready to face that yet, are they? I want so bad to tell them that they need to be careful and not trust every person they meet. (I am sure they know that already though. Our parents did a pretty good job)
I will never protect them enough anyways. We can’t be together 24/7 I know that. It’s just my mind that refuses to admit it.
I probably just need to give them the right package and let them…go!

Is there any mom right there, who can relate? Any older sister or brother who feels this way? Please let me know how you deal with this.

And by the way, thanks for stopping by. It’s appreciated!

“Being overprotective is just a way to let people know that mine is mine”



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