3 Main Things that Inspire Me!

Where do you find your inspiration? What inspire you the most? These are questions I am asked a lot regarding my blog posts. First of all, thank you to everyone who enjoys reading me and who thinks I have awesome topics.

I decided to write this post to share with you where I find my inspiration most of the time. It doesn’t mean however that that’s the only ways I get inspired.

  1. My friends. Yes, my friends are my number one inspiration. I am sure they don’t know this yet but I am quite sure some of them are going to text or call me saying “so, I inspire you?” haha! But they really do. Everyone of my friends is special in his/her own way and therefore our conversations are different from one another. They teach me a lot about life and I am thankful for them.
  2. YouTube. It is literally my favorite search engine. I mean what can’t you find on YouTube? All kind of video from tutorials,DIYs to Vlogs which are like blogs but in videos instead (you probably already know this). Let me tell you that I can spend hours on YouTube and depending on what I am watching that day(vlogs, motivational/ inspirational speeches, Ted talks), I usually come up with a topic for my post
  3. Songs. Again this is on YouTube and it is usually country or pop music or sometimes R&B. I think there are powerful words and meaningful messages in it. I will link below the ones I have been listening too recently and you can check them out if you want.
credit to: http://www.zazzle.com

There you go! You now know how I get to write all these posts that you like. Do not hesitate if there is any subject you would like me to talk about. Just write in the comment section or email me. But first tell me, what inspire you in life? It does not have to be something that makes you blog but just something or someone that makes you move on in life! I would like to know.

You can listen to my favorite jam of the moment herehere or…here 🙂

“Inspiration comes to us slowly and quietly…prime it with a little solitude”

-Brenda Ueland-

Thanks for reading me!



  1. well well well, … comme ça je t’inspire ??? quoi que je le savais déjà… lol
    what about me… ??? hmmmm… I’m inspired by:
    – persons that I’m driven to meet in my daily life. The fact of talking to others who are creative to get ideas about what gets their creativity juices flowing.
    – problems. I like solving problems, helping others to solve their problems. My moto : what doesn’t kill u makes u stronger.
    – motivational and inspirational speeches… My favorite speaker : Joyce Meyer ❤
    – QUOTES … Keep IT Short and Simple … KISS principle


    1. You really rock my world TeeGee…
      Et ouiiii apparement tu m’inspire.hahaha
      But you already knew it Im sure.I am glad to see I do inspire you too.haha!
      Well…Thanks for mentioning Joyce Meyer(tmtc).I see we got a lot in common.lol ❤


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