25 Random Facts About Me!!

Today’s post is a little different and inspired by another blogger, Melissa (check her out). I thought you wouldn’t mind getting to know the weird me a little more, so let’s go.

1.I am Duchesse, not a Duchess.That is my real name, not a title. There is no kingdom where I am from.
2.I am left-handed and it’s annoying sometimes
3.I am the first born of a family of four
4.I love country songs
5. I watch the Daily Davidsons and other YouTubers on a daily basis
6.I don’t fully close my eyes when I sleep (according to my siblings)
7.I don’t like gold jewelry (on me)
8.I can sing (I used to sing in a choir back in the days)
9.I am scared of snakes and…DOGS
10.I have one scar on my chin from when I fell down the stairs on my way to church
11.Speaking of nightclubs, I like dancehall and afro beats music
12.I am from East Africa (born and raised) and I now live in Canada
13.My ex-boyfriend is one of my closest friends (is that weird or nah?)
14.I am overprotective of my siblings and friends
15.I am a Christian
16.I love mangoes and strawberries
17.I only go to McDonald’s for their strawberry-banana smoothie (go try it out and let me know how you liked it).
18.I super love surprises (but it takes a lot to surprise me)
19.I ask too many questions (shout-out to my friends who complain about this)
20.I don’t like TV shows
21.I hate medicines and hospitals
22.I drink water all the time
23. My sister always tells me that I do things fast(walking, cooking, talking, washing,…)
24.I have 3 piercings (two on my left ear and one on the right one)and I have 0 tattoos
25.My favorite movie is The Best of Me by Nicholas Sparks

There you go, I hope you enjoyed this post,

Comment and tell me one random fact about you, I would like it!

’til Next time,



  1. I read through everything with a smile on my face.lol loved it.the weird fact about me is that I can easily sleep all through the day 😞😖😖


  2. Happy to get to know more of u.fact is: im scared with snakes and dogs too,and according to my hubby I dnt fully close my eyes when I’m sleeping too🙈🙉…
    I enjoyed reading you❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Interesting..

    24. I haTe 3 piercings or I haVe 3 piercings..haha, 😉😉

    Mine is, I love to walk alone..not like 100m only but 5-10km.


      1. Haha..nooo..
        It’s better in the night hours.. I feel like an ant..i am seeing everything but nodoby sees me..haha.


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