#DoYouBoo Tag

This tag was brought to you and myself by the amazing Maya Washington (a.k.a Shameless Maya). You should definitely check out her YT channel. So, I am going to answer the following questions. Hope you all enjoy!

credit to shop.maker.tv
credit to shop.maker.tv
  1. What is one of your goals, are you currently attempting it? Why or why not? One of my goals in life is to do what makes me happy…and there you go…I am blogging!
  2. Name one goal you want to achieve this year. By the end of this year, I want to have my own DSLR camera. I enjoy taking photographs very much. Photos give me life!!!! And yes 2016 is coming up sooo fast, but I really hope I will have my camera by the end of this year.
  3. Say your name backwards to make your subscribers laugh. My name is Duchesse so backwards it will be E.S.S.E.H.C.U.D. Does it sound funny to you guys? I don’t know!
  4. What would be your superhero name and power? Tough question! I actually never thought about this before today, so let’s say it would be LISuperWoman (I am laughing at myself right now ’cause this sounds really bad,lol! I just took the 1st letters of my first and last names). Anyways, my power would be to make people’ dreams come true and eliminating the struggle of life.
  5. Who would be your sidekick? It would probably be my sister!
  6. One simple question, who are you really? (Not your name or job, but who ARE YOU? What MAKES you? This is another though question. This is the type of question I think my close friends and family would answer better. I am a loving and very caring person I would say. So I would def say that my heart is what makes me.
  7. For what cause would you like to be a voice for when you finally have a huge audience on your blog? I would like to be the voice of incredible girls and women who did not have the chance that I had to attend schools and universities and who are discriminated for that. I know there are many out there and I would like them and the world to know how lucky we are to have them in this world.
  8. How do you get yourself or remain motivated? I keep in my mind my main goals and my biggest dreams and I remind myself that I have people to make proud. And also, I know that whatever battle I am in, I am not alone.
  9. What can I do to get my dream started? I already have my started. Just think of where you want to be in 5 years and walk towards that.
  10. How do I network and make new friends? Through my blog, I leave nice comments on others blogs and there you go…I have friends in Japan and UK.

I hope you enjoyed this tag. Let me know if there is any other tag you would like me to do and let me know in the comment section: What is your number one goal in life? Also, feel free to do the tag on your blog/channel

‘Til next time



  1. My number one goal in my life : do everything I can to make my beloved ones happy. By beloved, I mean my boo (of course), my family and my friends.

    7 & 8 ==> OMG !!!!! u’r definitely my sisinette ❤
    I'm sure u were talking about me in 5 …. loool

    Big luv hon' :-*


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