RACISM…is Not Funny!

tumblr_ndnvniYGoG1qafozxo1_500 Nikki Perkins is a Sudanese model/YouTuber based in Melbourne, Australia.
In one of her videos she mentioned how she was ‘bullied’ on Instagram because of her skin color. The comments on the post were in Arabic but it was not hard to tell what people were saying since they were using poop emoji (excuse me for the language) and things like that. I don’t care much about either you think she is beautiful or not; what really bothers me is that people think it is actually funny to make racists statements about her, or anyone. RACISM IS NEVER FUNNY…and will never be. I honestly get jokes and I am totally fine with people having different opinions about things but I will never think that making fun of someone’s skin color is a funny thing. It is not cool at all!
Please be careful about what you say. I am sure some of you don’t want to be called racists and I honestly think that “Racism is a refuge for the ignorant. It seeks to divide and destroy.” – Pierre Berton-



  1. I looked at the picture and went “oh my she is gorgeous”
    What I read thereafter, reversed my state of mind. Racism reeks of immaturity, it reeks of bad upbringing and it needs to end.
    We need to teach our kids about equality, in real and true sense!

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      1. I wrote a children’s poem for this very reason. To educate the young, through a harmless and fun way, to not feel inferior because of not being ‘fair’ and it works the other way round too, that is, to not think yourself as superior to another based on your race. These human complexes, both inferiority and superiority complex, are one of the reasons for existence of this ugliness called racism!


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