Sister Got Talent

I’ve seen this girl drawing for as long as I can remember. Back in high school I used to ask her to draw illustrations for my biology class. She is really good at it. Years later, she started doing sketches for clothes in her small notebook and there she is now..drawing portraits. She may not be talented to you but she absolutely is to me.

I could talk about her for hours but let me just show you some of her drawings so far and I hope you like it. Please go and follow her on Instagram @mylifeshobby and help her grow.

wpid-img_20150405_045944.jpg        wpid-wp-1441492814028.jpeg

Of course her 1st portrait had to be of…her one and only big sister…ME!


There it is…the amazing Bob Marley (by the way, check out this version Is this Love by him here)


…and Rihanna

wpid-wp-1441492361632.jpeg         wpid-wp-1441492727250.jpeg

and last but not least…the lovely cousin of ours!

So…what do you think? Do you know anyone who is talented and who you want to recognize? Comment, show the support and don’t forget to check out my sister’s IG. It will be much appreciated.

’til next time




  1. Wow that’s really good. Can I send her a picture that I’d love to be sketched and we will discuss the price😛? I’m being serious tho. She’s really talented, like her big sister😏😉

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