5 Reasons Why Eye Contact is Important!

Let me tell you right now that I am not always good at this; and by this I mean “eye-contact”. I do try however, to do it as much as necessary. This is, with my experience, 5 reasons why I think that having eye contact with the person you are talking too, is very important.

  • It shows your interest. Looking someone in their eyes when they are talking to you is probably the best way to show that you are a good listener. Of course, you can be doing that and be away at the same aka being lost in your thoughts, but at least the person will feel like you are there and not busy texting or looking at something else in the surroundings.
  • It proves your honestly. Unless you are a professional liar, trust me it is very hard to look someone in the eyes and tell a lie. That is probably why that’s one good way the police detect if someone is lying or not. it shows you have nothing to hide and that you are confident about what you’re saying.
Image from pinterest.com
Image from pinterest.com
  • It tells either you like a person or not. We tend not to look in the eyes of people we don’t really like. We would rather read their lips. When you like a person, you feel comfortable and don’t feel weird looking in their eyes, or…is it maybe because you are slowly falling in love with them 😉
Image from musingsofanaspie.com
Image from musingsofanaspie.com
  • It helps build trust. I don’t know about you but I would tend to trust a person that looks me in the eyes instead of someone who avoids eye-contact every time we talk. That is just suspicious I think. But again, let’s be aware that some people are good at this and know how to make them look trustworthy (of course some people know how this works,huh?!).
  • It may reveal or make people think this about you: insecurities, feelings or emotions (you are trying to hide), lies(even though you may not be lying); lack of intimacy(if you don’t want to be too close with the person).
Image credit to someecards.com
Image credit to someecards.com

I mean, I know it is not always easy to make eye contact and this last point states some of the reasons why it is so hard to do. However, I have one tip on how to make eye contact, I want to share with you: 0 eye contact is bad and too much eye contact is not good neither so try to find a in between thing (think about it as a first impression kinda thing). Focus on one eye when listening to someone and look at the top of their nose (somewhere in the middle of the forehead not too far from the eyes) when talking.

And there you have it. I hope this was helpful and don’t forget to drop one tip for eye contact in the comment section or simple tell me what you think.

“People simply don’t make eye contact anymore”

Eric Kripke

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