Apple Cider Vinegar//Benefits

I have always heard of Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and its benefits but I only started using it recently. ACV is known for its multiple functions and the magic it does once used. Keep reading to know more about how you can use ACV and where to get it.


  • On your skin. ACV contains pH that will help restore and balance your skin’s pH which is necessary for a healthy and beautiful skin. If you have an irritated skin, ACV is what you want to apply on. How to? Simply take a cotton ball and dip it in a mix of an organic ACV and water(1 part of water and 3 parts of water)
  • On your hair This is mainly what I personally use ACV for. It is a perfect cleanse for the scalp and it helps get rid of dandruff. To all my beautiful ladies with an oily scalp, this is the way to go. How to?  1.Take about 2 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and dilute it in a cup of water. Apply generously on your hair after a co-wash. Massage it and let it do the magic- for about 5 minutes -then rinse thoroughly. 2.With an egg, honey and 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise, apple cider vinegar can be used for deep conditioning. It helps cleanse your scalp and get shiny and healthy hair. Give it a try!
  • On your healthy Apple cider vinegar can help loose weight. YEEES!!!! You heard right. How to? By adding just 1 teaspoon of ACV to your cup of water and drinking it once a day (you can possibly increase the amount of the vinegar per serving), the vinegar will prevent you from fat accumulation and it will make you eat less. For more info on how to loose weight with the apple cider vinegar, click here.


Now that you know what this amazing product is capable of, it is time to know where to get it. I get mine in an organic store in my town but I think you can also find it in ordinary grocery stores (Walmart for my people in the US and Canada). You can also get it on amazon (473 ml for CAN$15 or £6.00) or here for $4.

I hope this was helpful and informative for you. Let me know in the comments: Have you used Apple Cider Vinegar before? How did you benefit from it? 

Thanks for reading!

’til next time



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