23 Things I’ve learned In 23 Years

It is about that time of the year when I wake up on so many calls, texts, emails of people wishing me a happy birthday. Let me tell you, the love is so real! I am so blessed to have you all in my life. Today I am turning 23 and in honor of that, I am sharing with you 23 things/life lessons I’ve learned in 23 years (you probably know that by now since you read the title, ppsssshh). Let’s go!


  1. Think less. Thinking more makes me more worrying and makes me wanna fix everything even when I can’t.
  2. An unorganized life is a chaotic life. I have learned that if I don’t organize my days and just go free style every time, I will end up angry and frustrated. So, be organized, people!
  3. Be different. It is perfectly fine not to be like others. It means you are brave enough to be yourself.
  4. Friendship is priceless. I always say that I am blessed with the most loving and caring friends one can wish for. I have also learned that you can’t force friendship and you can’t force someone to stay in you life.
  5. It is okay to be selfish sometimes. This is one the hardest lessons I have learned. However, putting yourself first and doing what is good for you does not always mean you are being selfish.
  6. Step outside your comfort zone more often. They always say that outside our comfort zone is where the magic happens and this is very true. The few times that I have done this, I was able to achieve my goals and this made me surprisingly happy.
  7. Heaven really does exist and it’s called CHEESECAKE. My love for cheesecake is beyond ridiculous.
  8. Do not waste time with negative people. I have made the decision to spend less time with people with negative vibes because my life is easier that way.
  9. What people say behind my back is none of my businessIt is not their life, their struggle so why would I care and anyways,…people’s thoughts change on a regular basis. They will probably be thinking differently tomorrow 🙂
  10. My plans in life are far different from God’s plans for my life. Sometimes the process is painful and slow but I have learned that his plan for my life is the best. So I just chill and wait!
  11. Stop expecting. The more you expect something from people, the more you will be hurt and disappointed.
  12. Small things together matter more than big things. Learn to love and appreciate the smallest things that life has to offer and the big things will make their way to you.
  13. Enjoy the present moments. I like to plan things ahead of time and I easily find myself thinking about the future and most of the time, I forget to enjoy where I am and what I have.
  14. Injustice is real. I used to things that mean people and horrible things only happen in movies. The more I grow, the more stories I hear, the more hatred I see, the less naive I become I guess. Injustice truly exists.
  15. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes and that is just the way it is.
  16. 23 birthday cakeDo not settle for less. You deserve more than you think and you need to know your worth.
  17. Crying is fine and it actually makes you feel better.
  18. Your smile is your best makeup. Why buying freaking  expensive M.A.C makeup when you can just rock you smile all day long and still look beautiful?
  19. Pictures are worth a thousands words. Can I just take pictures all day everyday?
  20. Don’t be afraid to fall in love. Love is all I know. Love is all that matters. Be afraid of wrong people but not falling in love.
  21. My parents are always right(Did I say always? I meant sometimes). As we grow up, we learn that our parents were right about things they used to tell us. Thanks mum, thanks dad.
  22. Do not compare yourself to other people. Everyone is different and you do not even know what their struggle is like so just stop comparing yourself to them.
  23. Be independent. Do not depend too much on anyone in this world. People are not always going to be there.

BONUS: I also learned that I should never let my happiness depend on someone else.

Thank you for all your birthday wishes and shout out to all my friends and my family who rock my world.

Let’s pop bottles, I am finally growing up. 🙂



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