It was Friday the 13th!

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Friggatriskaidekaphobia. If you have a blinding fear for Friday the 13th, that is what your phobia is called. This past Friday was for some a very bad day and as much as I am not superstitious and I don’t believe in the whole story behind Friday the 13th, I did some research to know where all this is from and why people believe in it so bad.

While I was googling about it, I found no clear origin of this belief but I managed to make a small list of where people say it originated from and why it is a bad day for some.

  • It is believed that it originated from Christianity and Friday is said to be the day: 1.Eve brought the apple to Adam,  2. Adam and Eve died, 3. the temple of Solomon was destroyed and 4. the day Jesus died (which we now call Good Friday). It is hard to believe the three first facts because “Friday” did not exist at the time.
  • 13 is also believed to be an unlucky number (again from Christianity). Judas Iscariot was the 13th person at Jesus Last Supper with his disciples the night. He was arrested and we all know he is the one who is said to have betrayed Jesus and all his friends just for a matter of money.


  • The two, Friday and the number 13, put together as an unlucky day only gain its popularity in the mid 19th century
  • In Italy, 17 is the unlucky number but rather, 13. Therefore,Italians apprehend more a Friday 17th than a Friday 13th.
  • It is more a belief than it is a reality. If a sad event happens on a Friday 13th, people and now the media draw an association between the day and the event leaving us with fear and belief that Friday 13th is an unlucky day.
  • Just going out with other people instead of just staying in can help focusing less on the fear of this day.

Yes, this is it. This is all I basically found. You will not find much more about this superstition. Doing research about it made me believe in it even lesser. There is no clear theory or story behind it and therefore I think it is only about what people believe that day is.

Do you believe in this “Friday 13th”. How did your Friday go? Did anything bad happen to you on a Friday 13th? Comment and let me know.

“Superstition is the religion of feeble minds.”

– Edmund Burke –

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