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One of my friend lost his mum over cancer and he is my 3rd friend to go through this.
Please share this post if you can somehow relate to this and let’s strengthen each other. We can’t solve everything but We can surely all do something!

Cancer Can't Sit With Us


Imagine the feeling of sitting on an active bomb; knowing that it can go off any minute! Yes, that is the feeling you get when your loved one is on the death bed.

Of course,

  • We want  to help but we don’t even know where to start;
  • We feel hopeless since there is nothing that can save them even magical cures
  • We are Powerless and full of questions without answers!! What; When; Why is it going to happen?

Witnessing  Cancer taking somebody’s life  is the heaviest burden .

To all the strongest people  out there, we may not prevent them from dying but hey! We sure will always help them living!

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  1. Woah man this is honestly pretty cool, I just wrote about something kinda similar on my blog.
    Well there’s a chance I may have cancer especially since I’m showing systems and all of that hereditary jazz. So when it comes to inspiration I’d just say to make sure you’re both laughing and crying. Alot of times even when I feel like complete and utter crap my blog friends or real friends can cheer me up.

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