Updates// Blog Address-School Exams-Holiday Schedule-HONY book

Hello Fam,

As you have probably noticed, I have been MIA for almost two weeks now and I owe you my apologies BUT… I have reasons to that. Let me explain myself.

It is holiday season already and if you are a student, you know what this means: EXAMS, ASSIGNMENTS, PAPERS! It is hectic, let me tell you! These two past weeks have been by far the busiest weeks of the semester and as much as I am good with time management and I was able to keep blogging and connecting with you during school time, it was simply impossible to do so lately. Do NOT give up on me, THANKS!

Now, one thing I am the most excited about is the few changes to my blog. When I started blogging 9 months ago (I can’t believe it has been this long), I would have never imagined it would be what it is today. I have talked to people from the most incredible places and it is simply amazing. I started because I wanted to speak my mind (hence my previous blog name), to share some of my thoughts with people that I don’t personally know and it was an good experience but, it is time for change I think.

Why changing the blog name? Simply, because I want my blog to me more than me writing about life and giving advice. I want it to be a place where YOU connect with me and others with similar interests, where you meet people and be inspired by others life stories. I want it to be a voice for the voiceless, an attentive ear for the unheard. Does it make sense at all? No, okay! Make sure you subscribe and never miss a post and you will understand very soon. I have a vision of where I want this go and it will not be without you.

Also, if you are a loyal subscriber (therefore friend), you may have noticed that I regularly post every Wednesdays and Sundays (some Monday Motivation here and there) and I want to stick on that of course, however, since it is school break soon, I may post some fun stuff often, so keep checking my blog and sharing with your friends.

I am also excited about a recent book I purchased and it is nothing else but the famous Humans Of New York book by Brandon Stanton. You may have heard of this amazing guy who became famous by asking questions to random people in the streets of New York. He also has a blog you can check here. Stay tuned for a review about it.

Finally, I want to a minute to thank you ALL for your support, likes, comments, for subscribing and sharing, for sending me some encouraging and kind words and most importantly for constructive critiques. I really appreciate you all and let’s keep being awesome together.

It is now time for you to tell me:

What do you think about the few changes on the blog? Do you have plans for this Christmas? Leave me a comment!

-Be Awesome-

Lots of love


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