What Does Christmas Mean To You?//Part Uno

Hello Fam,

A couple weeks ago, I went out and asked people what Christmas means to them. It was interesting to hear people from different cultures describe how they see Christmas and how they wish it could be. Most of the people I asked were students, friends of mine and the interviews were therefore not very serious but fun and very informative.

 I thought I would share this with you because probably some of you can relate and it is always fun to hear other people’ Christmas stories.

My interviews were not very long and I asked about three to four questions to each of them and I’ve got to say this again… I had so much fun doing this. Connecting with people and hearing stories from others if one of my favorite thing to do. I always say that I learn and grow from others and moments like this, when I get to have deep conversations about certain subjects with people is what I live for.

The first person I interviewed was Kristylyn, a friend from India. She came to Canada years ago and Christmas “brings a special feeling” to her. She said:”you’ve got to spend it with people you love and who really love you back”.

Dee: First, Can you describe what would be your perfect Christmas day? Is it when you have the most amazing gifts? When you have snow outside?


Kristylyn: Christmas to me is never about having gifts. The greatest gift that God has ever given me is Christ and that is the best thing that has ever happen to me. After Christ comes my family and friends which I value most. My parents always taught me that and they tell me to always keep that wherever I go.

What is your tradition on Christmas Eve?

 I am protestant so our tradition is to start the Christmas day with Church. We have service on Christmas day and it is always packed. So many people come to pray on that day.

Have you ever wished Santa was real?

Oh yes!  I did thought he was real for the longest because I grew up watching stuff like polar express and all those cartoons. I figured myself that there is no such thing like Santa when I was, I think in grade 5 or 6 (12-13 years old) and now I sometimes wish he was real for my kids but not for me nooo!! (laugh)

Last question, what are you plans for this Christmas?

 I am going home in Hamilton to spend it with my family. Unfortunately, my dad won’t be here because he is working overseas so it will be a Christmas without him but is okay. We have family friends and Church people that we will be meeting on Christmas day.


After talking to Kristylyn, I was happy to know that some families still have that traditional sense of Christmas. Some of us really celebrate the birth of our Savior and don’t loose themselves in what is the reality today; Christmas, a day to give and receive gifts.

Stay tuned for more interviews and stories about Christmas.

Lots of Love



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