What Does Christmas Mean To You?// Part Dos

Hello Fam,

Welcome back to my blog. I should probably not be talking about Christmas today but I recently had a conversation about Christmas with a friend, Emily and I had so much fun that I thought I would share it with you, my dear readers.

Emily is from Hangzhou, China. She came to Canada like many other Chinese young people to pursue an education. I met her couple years ago when we were taking English classes and we became friends. Around Christmas time, I went to see her and I asked her couple questions about the most exciting holiday for Canadians.


Dee: So Emily, are you excited for Christmas?

Emily: No! Because I have nothing to do. I am not going back to China to see my family. It is only a two-week holiday and the flight tickets are so expensive. So I am just going to stay here.

D: If you were in China, would you celebrate Christmas?

E:Not really because Christmas is not for Chinese. We only learn about Christmas when we start elementary school. That when we learn English. Our parents don’t talk about Christmas.

D: Do you know Santa Claus?

E: How is Santa Claus? Oh the guy? The Grand Pa that has a bear? (laugh). Yeah, I know him, I just didn’t know the English name for it. In Chinese, his name can be translated to ‘Santa Old Guy’


D: Do you have any big event in China that can be similar to Christmas here?

E: Yes, we have what we call, the Spring Festival (found out more about it here). Instead of gifts, we get ‘lucky money’ (laugh). The money is only for children though. It is put in something like a red envelope and after the festival, we go visit our relatives and that’s where the kids get the money from. It is a fun time.

It was very interesting to talk to Emily and listen to her. Christmas is for so many the most beautiful time of the year, but for some others, it is just a day like others, nothing different.

I hope you enjoyed your Christmas and feel free to tell me what you did in the comment section.

’til next time

Lots of Love


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