16 Things To Do In 2016// Bucket List

Hello Fam,

2016 has indeed started if you haven’t realized for some reasons (I know some of you are still writing  the date with 2015). We all talk about “new resolutions” this time around, don’t we? Either to our friends and family or just to ourselves. We also often hear people tell us: “[…]as long as they are realistic, you should be able to achieve them [your resolutions].” Anyone agrees? I do!

I talked to a couple of people about their goals for 2016 and it is always interesting to hear what others have in mind. For some I was in wow and amazed because I thought they were too ambitious and for some I thought well, that sounds pretty cool, let’s talk again in 11 months. I then decided to make a list of 16 things you and I can try to do to make this year a memorable year:


  • Read a least one book. I personally never liked reading books but I gave it a try last year, I bought two books of my choice and surprise… I never got bored and I enjoyed reading them.
  • Travel more. Traveling is often seen as a way to break our routine and disconnect with our daily/crazy life which is true but traveling also increases your knowledge. It is an opportunity to meet new people and to learn other cultures. It brings you experiences and memories as well.
  • Pray more. Either you are Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish,… I believe you should pray more. Why? Well, it was proved scientifically that praying makes you more forgiving, nicer and increases trust. Don’t you agree?
  • Drink more water. How many times have you heard this but yet never be able to drink a gallon of water every day? According to dermatologist Kenneth Ellner, water helps keep our skin looking good. Imagine avoiding wrinkles just by drinking more water. Isn’t it amazing?
  • Get more fit/ Exercise more. We all know how challenging it can be to go to the gym on a regular basis. Try to find a friend who will motivate you on lazy day and try inside workouts on days you don’t feel like leaving the house.


  • Grow a plant. Apart from being ecologically important, plants bring life to an empty room (if grown inside a house). Growing plants indoors has the advantage of improving the air quality. They convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. So get yourself a cute and tiny tree to grown in the next months. Good luck with bugs!
  • Stop swearing. Some people don’t even realize how much they use the F word unless someone else point it out to them. If you are one of those people, well it is time to know that you can change that habit. Have you ever heard of the swear jar. It may be helpful.
  • Be more organized. I always say that an organized life leads to a happy life.
  • Meditation. You and I have probably heard that “meditation is good for you”. How?Honestly, I can’t tell you because I haven’t tried it but let me know if you also want to try meditation this year and we can become friends.
  • Try the DIYs. DIYs? Do-It-Yourself tasks. Those small items or recipes you can do by your own and that can save you some money, that is what I am talking about. They don’t necessarily make your life easier but they certainly give you a sense of accomplishement.
  • Nourish your relationships. Take more care and give more time to people who love you. At the end of the day,your family and friends are what really matters.
  • Be more consistent at what you do. It gives you a good reputation and makes you relevant.
  • Live an organic and natural life. Organic and naturals products are quite expensive on the market I know, but start slowly by buying just one product or two and see the change in your life.


  • Have a Happiness Jar. Write down on a piece of paper every single happy moment this year, collect them in a jar and empty it on NYE to see what you’ve got to be thankful for.
  • Make a Donation. How many stuff that you don’t need do you have in your room, your house? Do yourself a favor and donating some of them.
  • Give yourself a compliment. I have realized how much easier it is for us to say bad things about ourselves  than saying the “you are unique”, you are awesome”kind of things. Always remember, Self Love is the Key!

They say that “small changes can make a big difference”. I believe that choosing some of the small actions above and working on them, can end up having a huge impact on you life and make this year, a good year.

Good luck!

Lots Of Love


Photo credit: purplefitness.co.uk



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