Wednesday Wisdom // Be Thankful With What You Have

In today’s world, it gets very easy to envy other people and what they have. We compare our lives to celebrities’, we wish we had things our friends have, we focus on the negative things in our lives and we complain a LOT.

I had a conversation with one of my dearest friend who just turned 26 (Happy Birthday again N.C)and he shared with me how he recently felt blessed to be where he is in life when he talked with someone older than him who was still struggling with school and life.

Wednesday Wisdom

There is no single path to success/happiness and some people may be successful easier than you but that is okay! There is no life that is perfect. Even the richest man on Earth has his own struggles. The  prettiest girl, the cuttest couple on Instagram, the most influential people, they all have their own struggles. They ALL do, trust me.

So my dear friends, QUIT envying others, STOP believing everything you see on Instagram thinking it’s perfect. Instead, BE thankful for the little things you have for there are people who wish their had the half of what you have.

FIND happiness in those small things and KEEP chasing your dreams. One day, you will be that happy person you always see on your Facebook feeds 😉

Lots Of Love


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