This week I met Cassandra, a friend from Ghana, that I have known for a couple years now. The first time, we met at the bus terminal and she approached me with a cute smile on her face and we started talking about us living in Canada and being far from home. The other day we were studying in the library and I told her about this new series I am doing on my blog and she started acting shy saying she can’t be interviewed but we eventually ended up doing it. P.S: she is kind of shy in public.

So Cassie, tell me:

Three names you go by:

  • Cassie,
  • Nana ama which kind of means “saturday born queen” because I was born on a Saturday,
  • Sakyiwa-my grand mother’s name

three things thursday


Three places you have visited:

  • New Barnet, England
  • Texas, Usa
  • Ottawa, Canada

Three drinks you prefer:

  • Water. But I need to drink more of it,
  • Tea
  • Any chocolate drink (laugh)

three things thursday

Three memories you cherish:

  • I remember, when I left Ghana to come to Canada, my dad hugged me tight and told me he was proud of me.That… means a lot to me!
  • The time I decided to keep singing in my choir despite the fact that my voice was giving up on me,
  • The time my mother said:”You are like my sister now”. That made me feel so happy. I was 16 years old.

three things thursday

Three of your goals for this year:

  • To drink more water
  • To work on being more confident. Girl, we are in this together (wink)
  • To be closer to God

cassie 1

Cassie is a very sweet and shy girl that I am glad to have as a friend. I really appreciate her time and enthusiasm with which she did this with me. I hope you had fun reading this post and see you in my next #TTT

‘Til next time

Lots of love



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