three things thursday


Today, we get to know Nathalie,who lives in Rennes, France. Nathalie and I have been in each other’s life for quite a while now. Back in the 1990s, when our mothers were co-workers, they forced us to become friends at 5 years old. Yes, I said forced! The only thing we liked was playing together. You can guess what quickly happened, we lost contact with each other.

About 10 years later, I saw a girl whose face seemed familiar at my high school and she came to me and said hi. I politely replied although I had no clue who she was. Then, I heard someone call her name and that is when it clicked in my mind. It was Nathalie. Since that day, we have been allies-in the gaming world, your allies are the guys who assist you throughout the game. They can provide you with useful information and they fight with  you- That’s basically what our relationship is. She fights with me. How cute is that?!

three things thursday

Three favorite books or singers:“Me? Books? Are you kidding me? Let’s go with singers. I like”:

  • Sia
  • Nicki Minaj
  • Sexion d’assaut, a French rap group.

Three things you’ve learned since you moved to France:

  • How to cook.
  • I became less shy. Seriously, I am shy naturally. -laugh-
  • I learned how to save for rainy days. You just can’t buy everything you see and like.

Three items you always carry in your bag:

  • an umbrella since I live in Rennes. Here, it rains all the time.
  • lipstick. Hey, I am a girl! (laugh)
  • tissues
three things thursday
okay, we see the dimple now!

Three physical characteristics of yours you wish your child will have:

  • my lips. Is this weird to say?
  • my fingers. They are very long
  • my one side cheek dimple

Three cartoons you enjoyed watching as a kid (she answered this question in the blink of an eye):

  • Totally spies
  • The lion king
  • Sophie et virginie, though it was scary and sad. It should not be for kids to watch honestly.

Three things you want to learn how to… this year:

  • I don’t like sweet food that much but I want to learn how to make cupcakes. They always look yummy!
  • I need to learn how to style my braids. It’s essential for life.
  • I need to be more serious in my life. I agree Nathalie. 🙂
three things thursday
What is this face she is making?

I can now agree that Nathalie and I have some things in common: I have one dimple on my left cheek too and…that is it. If you think you would enjoy knowing fun facts about me, you can click here to read my post.

Lots of Love


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