three things thursday


This beautiful woman I am introducing you to today is well known by so many as the co-owner of Agence Esther based in Bujumbura, Burundi. But LIIV is more than that to her cute baby Eden, her husband and many of her friends. Her full name: Lasry Irumva Iris Valerie but we will just call her LIIV because she is our new friend! 😉

three things thursday
How gorgeous is she?!

LIIV started her modeling agency back in 2010 with two of her associates. She has been an inspiration to many Burundian women and girls (me being one of them) by showing that there are ways to do what we are passionate about if we dedicate ourselves to it and never let a thing get in our way. Her passion: beauty and fashion! 🙂

In 2014, when she had her handsome baby, Eden, LIIV chose to put her professional life aside and she embarked on a new journey called: housewife and motherhood. As a young woman myself, I have always been fascinated by LIIV and her achievements. And then…this happened. Read along (she shared some fun stuff with me).

Three fun facts about you:
1. I love milk like a cat
2. I read books from the toilet
3.When I pass in front of a mirror I secretly check on my look. (Obviously, you can’t notice it)
Three foods you wish you could eat every day:
1.White chocolate
2. Chips
3. Small bananas
Three things you would take on a deserted island:
1.Water (it’s everything)
2. My phone (you see me, you see it)
3. The Bible

three things thursday
LIIV with Agence Esther

Three people who have influenced you the most:
1. My parents. They are still my inspiration,
2. My husband. Meet the most social guy on the planet!
3. Aline K. My professional coach and ex-boss
Three words that best describe your relationship with your husband:
1. Love. We love “US” just a bit too much
2. Affection. We are always looking after each other
3. Fight to make up. As much as we love each other, we are also good at arguing/quarreling. But normally, it doesn’t last more than a day. LIIV, sorry but this one made me laugh.

Three Things Thursday
Eden and his beautiful mum!

Three things you used to believe about motherhood before you became a mother:
1. I used to believe that breastfeeding was natural and not painful. But I had to learn how to make it smooth for myself and Eden, especially during the first days and when his teeth came out.
2. I thought it was a must to gain weight once you become a mother (I’m a living testimony that it’s not always) I have a feeling I will be like you LIIV.
3. I use to believe that flying/travelling with a baby was easy (in my case it has always been tough)
Three items you always carry in your bag ever since you became a mother:
1. My baby’s photo passport. Okay, LIIV, you need to explain this one to me. Is it in case you forget what he looks like?
2. A motherhood book
3. A hand sanitizer

Eden’s first birthday

Three ways in which you think Eden is like you/your husband:
1. I think he has my smile. At least, that’s what people tell me.
2. He has his dad’s facial expressions
3. He has dark hair like his mama, don’t ask me why I am proud of it lol!

Three fun or important things you’ve learned since you are a mother:
1. Babies can feel when we are talking about them (beware!! lol)
2. Fathers and mothers are EQUALLY important to children!
3. Sleep is the greatest gift a new mom can ask for!

three things thursday
How gorgeous is she!?

Three things/places of your childhood you hope you child will get to see/know about
1. I hope he gets to visit my grandparents’ home. He hasn’t yet been ruguru.
2. I hope he gets to know the fun of playing glass marble balls on the streets. It still one of my greatest childhood memories.
3. I hope he gets to know the fun of climbing a mango tree and eating mangoes from the tree (don’t underestimate me! I used to have some boyish skills back in the days)

We love these eyes!!

Three things you want to teach your child when he grows up
I will teach him:
1. To be grateful and to apologize when he is wrong
2. To accept defeat with grace
3. To consider and respect people of all kind
Three advice you would give to young mums:
1. Set a bedtime routine as soon as your baby is 3 months. It will help you both.
2. Take time for yourselves but spend time with your partners (I need to start a campaign for abandoned husbands when baby is finally there)
3. Listen to your instincts. As much as I would love to give advice, everything we hear cannot apply in all situations. So, dear fellow mums, dare to follow your own instincts (you are the best mum for your baby)

That moment Eden took his mum’s place!

Be honest, you enjoyed reading this, right? The main reason why I loved LIIV is certainly the fact that she is so down to Earth. Even though she is very successful and brilliant, she is an approachable and humble woman. LIIV is also a blogger and you should do yourself a favor and check out her blog where she takes you on her journey as a mother and housewife.

Lots Of Love


∼A special thanks to LIIV for her collaboration, for making this interview possible!∼

You are such a sweetheart!


  1. I really enjoyed reading your stories. Knowing how you love babies i was wondering if you don t flly soon to Bujumbura to meet Eden.
    Keep it up.

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