Dear Maths,here are 10 reasons why I don’t like you!!!

I have never been a math person and I will never be one. I just don’t get how it works. Yes I know 2+3=5 and that is because it is pretty basic but ask me how to derive or integrate an equation and it will take me as long as it takes a baby to learn how to speak. So I thought it’s about time I tell Mathematics why I do not like them(or it)!

So Dear Maths, maybe you’re doing okay,maybe you’re not, I actually don’t care. I will go straight to the point and tell you why I don’t like you:

  1. You literally can’t solve your own problems,and you always expect others to do so. Weren’t you taught how to be responsible and to handle your own issues?
  2. You never make me laugh or even smile. You only give me headaches and sleepless nights. What is your purpose?
  3. After so many years, I still can’t figure you out
  4. Because of you, people are called smart, nerds and other average and not so smart. Yes, you have created inequalities!! We, people, strive for equality, we don’t seek more inequality.
  5. You are the reason why my parents dared to slap me; just because I couldn’t recite your 9 times tables without making a single error.
  6. With you, it’s always black OR white, there is no in between colors. No one can argue their way out with you. You have no alternative options;you’re either right…or wrong! You are soUNFAIR.
  7. In addition to being complicated, you CHANGE all the time. Methods that were taught to me to solve your problems are different from the ones that were taught to mum and dad and will be different from the ones that will be taught to my children. Come on now!
  8. You are the reason why I don’t like people I used to like. Aka my maths teachers!
  9. For you, every tiny mistake is a big deal and we always have to pay for it. Stop expecting humans to be perfect because we will never be.
  10. You are in EVERY PERSON’ s business, all ways…always! An example? in Love:He declared:…”two shall become one.” and in Health: ” Man, I lost 10 pounds last month! Isn’t it awesome?”

And what pains me the most, Maths,it’s the fact that I will have to deal with you forever! I will have to teach you to my kids and get mad at them if they don’t get you. Anyways, Mr, I hope I will never get the person who made you and I also hope humans in the future will be smarter than the one’s today and will find a way to eliminate you because you are RUINING our lives!





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