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For the last four years, I have been living in Canada. I never really had the chance to visit other cities -except for Ottawa where I go at least once a year to see my family –. I live in a small town called St Catharines, and I’ve felt in love with its quietness and its cool weather.Yes, we all know that the weather in Canada can be very extreme, but I am lucky to live in southern Ontario where the winter is not the craziest.
I have always been skeptical about the idea of visiting Québec because one, it’s a 12-hour trip from my town (yes, you heard it right!!) and two, it is way colder than St Kitts( that’s the cool name our town was given). I finally decided to go there in April after my exams. After stopping in Ottawa and Montreal for a couple of days, I finally arrived in Québec City.

Unfortunately, my first two days were uneventful. I got sick because indeed it was cold (although everyone in Québec City thought the weather was beautiful) and because I didn’t rest well while I was in Ottawa and Montreal. The following days, I was finally able to go visit the city.


HUMONGOUS// The Chateau Frontenac is a luxury hotel in the walls of Old Quebec. It was built in the 19th century and has been visited by Queen Elizabeth II, François Mitterrand, Ronald Reagan and other countless personalities.


STUNNING// The Bistro 1640 is the best place to discover the beautiful city of Québec. Its red color makes it obvious and pretty unique. Be honest, you too would be tempted to go see what this place has to offer, right?


EUROPEAN// One of the reasons why I enjoyed Old Quebec is the flair of Europe that you get as you walk in the streets.


SPLENDIDE// Statues, clock towers, hotels are part of the decor in that beautiful city. My camera was always in my hands, ready to capture incredible architectures.

After spending a week in Quebec, I’ve decided that I will definitely re-visit. There is no doubt that these streets offer a better ambiance during Summer and Fall and with a little chance it would prevent me from being sick again and wasting two days in bed. Quebec is definitely one of the best cities to visit in Canada.


Of course, I had to give you a glance of Old Québec by night!

Advice of the day: Make sure you rest enough while on a trip!

‘Til Next time

Lots of love



  1. Hi! I’ve been to Vancouver and Toronto before, but seeing your post makes me realised that I still have a lot of things to see in Canada. They said Quebec is a cool city with a touch of french culture! This city will be on my list for my next trip to Canada. Nice post btw! Following you* 🙂

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    1. Hey! I guarantee you, you will love this city! I have been to Toronto too, and I can tell there is a huge difference between Toronto and Quebec. It is less busy and more romantic than Toronto 😀
      You should definitely check it out!!
      Thanks for reading me! 🙂

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