Get A Diploma?

Disclaimer: You may need to read what’s on this picture first before you read the rest.

14553116_1791034004498548_2809327319355752448_n1Dear person who wrote this,

How are you? I hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are.

I just have a couple points I want to make and I hope you won’t interpret my response in a bad way. That’s not what my intention is at ALL.

  • Owning a camera, “sharing mixtapes with friends”, doing make-up for a family member does certainly NOT make people “professionals” in that particular field, the same way owning a blog and discussing topics I want, does not make me a professional blogger. I agree with you on this,like 100% agree.
  • But let me say, you’ve got something wrong here: “because no matter how much experiences you got, u will still be underestimated w/t a paper to prove it”. I don’t know in what country you live in but papers -and here I assume you meant diplomas-, are not what is ALWAYS going to get you somewhere in life. I repeat, NOT always.
  • And let me add this friend, not everything is learned in schools. Actually, the most important things in life are NOT learned in schools.
  • In your opinion what school did Oprah had to attend to be where she is now? Brandon Stanton received no photography diploma to become the phenomenal photographer that he is today. People probably made fun of Dami Olatunde (a.k.a Aphrican Ape) when he posted his first vine but look at where he is now.
  • Again, I am not trying to bash you here. All I am trying to say is: Life is too short to try to blend in. Let people do what they feel like doing and what they feel inspired to become. 

Dear Young people,

  • To you I am going to say this: education is VERY important. But remember: “Formal education will get you a living, when self-education will get you a fortune” –Jim Rohn-. What we get in schools or universities is just another way of getting an education.
  • Do not follow trends. Become a photographer, a DJ, a comedian, a make-up artist because you are PASSIONATE about it not because that is what everyone else is doing.
  • Your IG bio is your IG bio. Put whatever you want people to identify you as in there. Say things into existence. If you can only sing in the shower but still think you are a professional singer, go for it. If you drew your mother’s portrait and she told you it was fantastic,that is cool,you may become an amazing artist sooner or later.

One thing is for sure, none of us is going to escape hell and go straight into heaven because they have got a diploma.

“I believe you need to be educated on what you need to do in life but I don’t believe you necessarily need college to get there” -Will Smith-

Lots Of love


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