The End Of A Long Journey

June 5th was the Big Day. The day that I have been waiting for was finally here. I have been dreaming of the day that I will wake up knowing that I will get on stage to receive the piece of paper that will always remind me that all the hustle was so worth it.

Days after, I still can’t process the fact that I am no longer a Brock U Student but a Brock U Alumna (say whaaaaat?). God knows the last four years have been the most challenging but yet gratifying years of my life so far. And can you guess what I am the most grateful for? Yeah, you guessed it right! My family, my friends and of course… my man (you know who I’m talking about, don’t you?)


Mum and Dad, I am saying it today and I will always say it, you two are the Real MVP- Most Valuable Parents. Thanks to you, I graduated university completely debt free. It’s almost impossible to put in words how much I love you and how much I appreciate your time, effort and the things you sacrificed to guide me to where I am today. I will keep making you proud, smile and shed tears of joy of course.


To my baby, not so baby siblings, while we may not be the most sentimental bunch, I just wanted to let you all know how much you really mean to me. We grew a lot closer these past years and I am sure our bond is everlasting -at least I hope so-. I couldn’t have asked for a better set of siblings.


To my friends -you know who you are- you helped deal with the stressful moments and dilemmas. You stayed with me while I complained about attending my 8 am classes, eating junk food for an entire week, wearing sweatpants and hoodies for a month. You listened to me vent my life away. Thank you for the countless hours of listening. I hope you know I will always do the same for you.




To my fellow alumna and friends, WE MADE IT. Let this be the beginning of a journey where we get to show the world what being a badger is all about.

Once a badger, always a badger.


Brock University, thank you for allowing me to use your classrooms, professors, dining areas, student union, vending machines, library,… to create the most phenomenal memories, to build the greatest friendships and thank you for slowly becoming my comfort zone.

P.S: I was with no doubt the alumni with the most cheerers that day!




  1. U look like a celebrity!And look at all those btful peole around u!!so glad u had a wonderful celebration after many years of hustle!! So congratulations darling ❤❤Now take a break and go back again!!(ntavision ya PhD muri 2020?loool)

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