It’s Me, Depression!

Hey YOU,

My name is… NO, you are not ready to hear my name.

You have been avoiding calling me by my name,

You feel IGNORED, MISUNDERSTOOD because of me,

You think I am not REAL,

You think I am WEAK.        

You are terrified at the idea that I live with you, in you, in your HEAD,

You don’t want your family and your friends to know about me. But…

Why are you so ashamed of me?

Why are you so silent about me?

Is it because I took you by surprise?

Is it because you couldn’t prepare for me? Because you don’t know why I came?

I get it, you tried to talk, and…

 They laughed at you, made a FOOL of you,

They thought you were CRAZY,

They’ve mistaken me for SADNESS. Yet…

I am REAL, you know that.

I make you feel ALONE,

I convince you that you are not WORTH it,

I make you believe that you don’t deserve to LIVE,

I make you think about DEATH, SUIC… oops,

I don’t want to say it. Maybe not now.

I don’t come on Monday and leave on Tuesday,

I never know how long I will stay,

I don’t care about your age, your gender, your ethnicity, your financial status

I travel from one mind to another,

I don’t always give you a REASON for showing up

I am good at putting THOUGHTS in your head, But…

You can address me,

You can get rid of me,

You can cure me!


“Depression exists without you knowing it, even denying it. It is not an illusion. You don’t even know you’re in it. It takes a while before you realize it.”


  1. I’ve always been of those people who need to tell their problem/issue to someone simply because it gives me a sense of not being alone with the problem. And I’ve managed to always find a sympathetic ear among my friends. But when it comes to depression, it’s a whole other ball game. We litterally just laugh it out and move on. The moment I start to talk about how depressed I’ve been feeling, there’s automatically this other subject that just pops out of nowhere et fini tes histoires de dépression à la con.
    It’s really sad how we (especially the black community) tend to minimize depression and its effects on young people. It’s deplorable when so many turn to alcohol because it’s easier to be accepted as “Umunywi” (= a drinker.. It even adds a touch of badass…Lol) than “Depressed”. And the heavy drinking leads to quitting school and no plan for the future. Simply because they’re struggling alone with the depression and dealing with it the only way they know.
    Anywhoooo, this is a very beautifully laid out text on the subject and keep up the good work, Du! It’s always a delight to read your blog posts.


  2. Hey You! I know You! You visted me few months ago buuuh, hey, I got rid of you! Bye You are not missed!
    P.S: Thank you Duch for the btful piece! I feel inspired to write about my PPD!

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