Toronto’s Graffiti Alley // Travel Diary

For a couple weeks, I had been planning a surprise for my sister a.k.a Inarunyonga who just finished university. If you’ve ever organized a surprise, you know it can get a little stressful because you are always worried someone is going to ruin it and accidentally reveal it.

Six of my sister’s friends and the brother were in this and all of them were coming from outside of Toronto. Three from Ottawa/Gatineau Area, one from Montreal, one from Sudbury and another one from Winnipeg. My main goal: making sure all of them get in town around the same hour so we can all easily meet somewhere and go surprise her as a group and not one by one.


Was it a success? Heck yeah! Did it all go as planned, Nope!

Talking about plans, you know how they say that unplanned moments are the best? It’s true (sometimes). The next day, I had a couple of activities on the list for us and despite the stupid chilly weather, we were about to have fun.


And there we were, ready to take the 6ix. We drove to the subway station and took the train to our first location. When we got there, we quickly discovered that it was not what we thought it was and left right away. Now that our plan A was ruined, we needed to find something else to do close to where we were and that ended up being the only fun activity of the day.


What was it you ask? Nothing other than a super unplanned photoshoot on Graffiti Alley.


Remember I mentioned how chilly it was? Not all of us was dressed accordingly so we weren’t about to stay there for hours just taking photos. But we did! Okay, not hours but close to an hour. Give your girl a camera and a beautiful place and she will not even feel the cold.This alley is pretty long and you can find different walls that can match your outfits and make the pictures look bomb. Because it was a weekday, the alley was not that busy but I am sure on cooler days or weekends, it’s a different story. Two things you need to know before you go to this picture perfect alley: Pay attention to cars. It is a tiny alley but it’s big enough for cars to pass through. We had to pause the fun and let cars pass at least twice or three times. The other thing is to be aware of homeless who stay on that alley. Of course, you want to be respectful and not too noisy, especially if you go as a big group.

‘Til Next Time


All photos were taken by yours truly or one of these gems ❤

I am so grateful for friendship!


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