Growth Takes Time

As I am getting ready to take a shower, I grab my bonnet to cover my hair and I realize that my locks are not staying put in the bonnet as usual.  “Wow my hair has gotten longer”, I think to myself. Of course, a girl likes some length so I smile at the idea that my hair is longer.

“Growth takes time”, I tell myself while still in the shower. This conversation with self goes on and on. I realize that it took three years to get to the actual length that is making me smile and that I absolutely love.

We always want change and growth to happen almost instantly. Why? Because we are eager to see the results. We’re so convinced that the results are going to be positive to the point where the process leading to those results is almost unbearable. Sometimes, we even compromise the present because the future seems so bright. We often forget that: growth takes time.

Remember to be patient and gentle with yourself today. Accept and embrace the process. It doesn’t matter what journey you are on, if it implies change and growth, be patient, take a breathe and relax. Growth takes time and we all know none of us can rush time!


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