These Three Books Have Changed My Life!

“I am not a bibliophile and I doubt I will ever be one. Books make me fall asleep. I’ve always liked reading small stories, articles, blogs,… but a whole book? Nah! I guess I read too many of those in school. I don’t know about you but I don’t like to be reminded of my student life ” , I told a friend googling the word: bibliophile he had just mentioned.

A few weeks later, I texted my friend – who had then suggested I try audiobooks or e-books – and told her I had bought my first audiobook. That was in May. Since that day, I have spent about $250 worth of books (a mix of audiobooks and poetry books – that don’t put me to sleep-). With that said, the following is a small list of my favorite books that I carefully selected for you. Enjoy and elevate your life!

Untamed by Glennon Doyle

This book will literally transform your life. It’s not a joke. I have recommended this to my closest friends and even bought it for my brother. It’s that good. I first heard of this book while listening to an episode of On Purpose by Jay Shetty and he was interviewing Glennon Doyle who had just released her memoir, Untamed. I bought the audiobook version of it and I loved it because it’s narrated by Glennon herself.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book that I am sure you will love: “To be brave is to forsake all others to be true to yourself. That is the vow of a confident girl”, “A broken family is a family in which any member must break herself into pieces to fit in”, “Grief is a cocoon from which we emerge new”. This is honestly your wake-up call you’ve secretly been waiting for.

More Myself by Alicia Keys

I had fun with this book. You might have read my two cents on this on my Instagram page because I’ve already shared about it. It’s only because it has so much good vibe to it that you can’t possibly neglect it. In the audiobook, you get to hear Alicia Keys sing some of her most popular hits and people like Oprah, Michelle Obama and her husband Swizz Beats read excerpt of the chapters about them. In her memoir, Alicia Keys reflects on some of her life experiences that have encouraged her to become “more myself”. As I was on a similar journey myself, I could have not asked for a better book to kind of guide me on that path and reassure me.

Chameleon Aura by Billy Chapata

I stumbled upon this book while I was traveling and visiting one of my good friend. she had displayed this poetry book with a black cover in her living room and as I grabbed it, it opened on a page that read: “your healing process will never be identical to anyone else’s. and there is beauty in that, comparison is poison, darling, don’t drink that”. I was SOLD. I kept thinking about that book and never stopped talking about it until I got a copy for myself. This book will empower you and guide you on your journey, no matter how complex it might be. It really has the words you’re looking for. Think of holding in your hands, a collection of all those quotes you read every day on Instagram and probably want to hang on your walls as morning inspirational words. Yeah, you need it!

If there is one thing I wish you’ve learned this far in 2020, it’s that the smallest things and moments matter. It’s that you matter. You ought to love yourself more and more everyday. You ought to spoil yourself, be kind to yourself and fill your mind with positive thoughts. I genuinely believe each one of this books will help you achieve that.

You can find Untamed, More Myself and Chameleon Aura on Amazon, Chapters and any other books, e-books and audiobooks stores or sites you prefer.

’til next time,



  1. Ooh my gosh, I loved this post so much. I guess, I can say that, I am a bibliophile, I love books ( I read every morning and before I go to bed, it’s a part of my routine.
    I’ll buy them for sure😘.
    Books are an infinite wealth 😘


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