Taking Stock!

Here we are…at the end of 2020. For us millennials, this year has been one for the books. I mean, our parents lived through 2008 and our grand parents survived civil wars and all and then us…? We got served 2020!

On that very irrelevant (to this post) note, allow myself to introduce you to a new series that I am planning to update once in a while, depending on if I have updates or not (insert very confused emoji): Welcome to the first episode of: Taking Stock with Dee where I will be assessing chapters of my life and taking you along. so let’s do this!

Reading: tons of books. I am usually not a big fan of books because reading makes me sleepy but this year with all its surprises, has offered me so many opportunities to buy/read books and listen to audiobooks. And if you know me, you know I’m more of a podcast listener than anything else. But books have been bringing so many lessons and overall wisdom in my life. I’ve shared three of my favorite books here.

Eating: like a vegan lately. I have been trying to eat healthier since this past summer and it’s been a pretty smooth journey. Except living with people who still enjoy their meals with some meat and dairy, can be a bit challenging. Oh! And I make yummy vegan crepes! Just saying!

Craving: an avocado toast as I am writing this. I get the freshest avocados from CostCo or Longo’s but they ain’t got nothing on the ones from Buja! (I am picturing a woman with a bucket on her head passing by on the street screaming: “ya mavoka”!)

Making: more and more and more time for myself. Literally! Few months ago, I #deescovered  meditation and all its incredible benefits and now I swear by it. I’ve gotten in the habit of sitting in silence and away from all the noise for at least five to ten minutes a day to reclaim my peace and cultivate joy and gratitude. I mean…I can talk night and day about meditation but for now, let me leave you with the app I use daily.

Exploring: the idea of having a podcast. Some funny friends (very funny if you ask me) have suggested that I should give it a try and now I am seriously considering it. Let’s just put it in the universe and I shall attract it if it’s meant to be… What do you think of it? What do you think I should name my podcast?

Knowing: that 2021 is going to be another surprising but exciting year. Don’t ask me how I know this, I just know it.

Revamping: my life and embracing all the lifestyle changes. This year has taught me so much about myself and my too loud and too busy Torontonian way of life. At least, it used to be. I’ve learned to pause a bit, take a deep breath, recenter my energy, be calm for a while,…before picking it up the next day. I am a brand new person (insert giggling emoji)!

Praying: that this coming winter surprises us with less snow storms.

Smelling: Shea butter. I can never find a good lotion to use during cold months so I’ve decided to go for raw shea butter this time around. I’ve been using it for a month now and I like it. I must say, it doesn’t smell amazing but after a few minutes applying it on my skin, the smell goes away. And I mean…there is always perfume and body spray for the rescue. I got my shea butter from Tribal Eye, a Toronto local brand but you can also get it at: Hamamat based in Ghana and they ship internationally.

Hoping: to be blogging a lot more in the coming year. I am actually glad to see you stood by me after all these years of inconsistency. Very grateful my heart is!

Counting: on you to continue in the comment section below. All you gotta do: think of one action verb and make a sentence out of it! à vos marques, prêts, partez!

‘Til Next Time.


Okay, let me not take the credit here and say that I came up with this series. I borrowed this idea from Sharon Mundia who’s one my favorite Kenyan bloggers. She occasionally “takes stocks” on her blog and recently posted a vlog on her channel. You should check her out!


  1. It’s the “ya mavoka” for me 😂😂

    Executing: I am looking forward to ease up on the procrastination and doubling down on going for things I want to happen.


  2. Encouraging : You to start that post, share your laughs & wisdom & give us, abo kuri Alrita, more reasons to have meaningful convo. ❤️


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